Justin Timberlake in the Philippines! Thanks Ginger Conejero for the photo!

Saw this sa twitter account / post ni Ginger, and i asked permission if pwede ko i-post, she said yes!

Kwento ni Ginger sa tweets niya :
"Adventures meeting JT at the airport are over, but a morning rush!!! JT was oozing a cool, sexy and talented aura w his gray beanie and black rimmed glasses. He was mobbed by the press but remained very soft spoken. From the vip room to airport exit I got to walk w him. He'd say 'ooh watch your step'. Got a smirk when I said 'justin r u bringing sexy back to the phils?' Was hoping he'd start dancing...LOL"

Hihihi! Thanks again Ginger!


  1. naku girl, panalo ka na talaga pag napasali mo sha sa I love darla campaign. pati mga tala luluhod sayo. hihihi.

  2. how i wish! pero mukhang imposible hahaha! mwah! sleep na ko! may 9am pa mamaya. hahaha1

  3. Nice.

    ABS CBN's prettiest, Darla can you post something about Rosalka please. Everyone is curious. We know its Empress, Felix and Matt. What is it about po? Who else pa po ang kasama. :)
    Thank you po. :D

  4. Thank you, Darla! :)

  5. JT ignored Ginger C. He absolutely ignored her. i was cringing while watching the news when Ginger asked JT "are u bringing sexy back?" deadma si JT... for the second time Ginger asked JT "are you bringing sexy back?" ( pa-kanta ang pagtanong) JT ignored her once more.. I died watching her.


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