EXCLUSIVE! FIRST HERE : Derek Ramsay, na-aksidente while playing frisbee in Cebu!

Wawa naman si Derek... last weekend lang, habang naglalaro ng Frisbee in Cebu, eto na-aksidente at sugatan ang kamay. Ang nangyari daw kasi, may nag-throw ng disc (frisbee) na super baba... eh si Derek kapag naglaro talagang bigay todo. Hinabol niya yung frisbee, na dahil sa sobrang baba... "nilipad" niya. Pagbagsak niya sa ground - eh ma-gravel daw yung ground na pinaglaruan, natukod niya ang kamay niya kaya eto sugatan.

Nung kinamusta ko naman ang tuhod niya, sabi niya getting better na raw. Thanks Derek for allowing me to post the photo of your wounded hand here! ♥


  1. he was brought to Chong Hua Hospital. According to my brother in law, who is a resident physician in CHH, the security guards were waiting for Angelika to come. lol!

  2. I looooove Derek! He's so yummy!!!!

  3. cristy fermin parazziApril 13, 2010 at 2:08 AM

    ano ba yan pati yan ibabalita at i aadmit sa hospital? ang liit na sugat naman yan eh

  4. it is better to be safe than sorry, it is not unusual for "ang liit na sugat naman yan eh" to get infected due to embedded foreign objects. mabuti na lang it's not his face he hit on the ground. God bless his knees, it is a lifetime problem talaga. sana matuto din siyang mag alaga ng sarili niya properly, otherwise it will be extra job for other people to keep on looking after his medical concerns.

  5. the photo of the wound is a bit disgusting, you could just have an account of what happened, no need to show icky pic like that.


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