Abangan ang isang malaking pagbabago! May 22!


  1. I am so glad they are revamping E-live. Honestly, it was getting stale... very blah. The show is promoted well, like there are going to be "juicy news", but when you tune in, there's no take away.

    The hosts are ok, but Mariel and Bianca need to work on their interviewing skills. They can both deliver the news well, but suck in interviewing. It's almost like they canjust deliver the news while Toni and Luis can do the interviewing.

    Most of the time, the news on E-Live is old news... news or segments are longer and a tiny bit more extensive than the clip on SNN. But not exciting news and interviews. Sometimes, the hosts just spend so much time talking about themselves and thanking people for their outfits. The chit-chatting and TY portion needs to be cut, and the hosts need to focus more on their live guests. They spend so little time on live guests that the live guesting of the artists are not impactful.

    I cannot wait to see this new revamped E-Live Show. Let's see if it lures me back in as I stopped watching the show in mid-December.

  2. sana always updated ang multiply site ng e-live! pls?

  3. I'll go for ROBIN, nd sya HAMBOG parehas ni Willie

  4. true ba na hiwalay na si mariel at zanjoe for 2 weeks???


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