EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS : The MANSION that beauty built. Welcome to Dra. Vicki Belo's home!

Thank you so much Dra. Vicki Belo for allowing me to post these photos here. In all fairness, super duper laki ng bahay! And super nice, super bango!

Click here for more photos! And text DARLA ON to 2366! 

Dra. Vicki's workout room

Dra. Vicki's daughter's-Cristalle Henares-room

Dra. Vicki's son's-Quark Henares-room


  1. Anong xmas gift mo frm Belo?..does she cook?..whats her special T?..i love her❤. Love-babyrhian917

  2. very huge and oriental. ok lang.

  3. i would have expected her house to be extremely glamorous considering her status but then again, i admire her more seeing the inside of her home... she's genuinely down-to-earth and this is why she's very blessed! truly inspiring ka pala talaga dra. Belo!

  4. nice enough, but it doesn't look homey, parang hotel, maybe because it's too huge and the architecture, parang hotel

  5. the house is beautiful. sana lang, medyo mabawasan ang noteriety ni dr. belo. nakakasira sa kanya si hayden kho (user). i wish he'll disappear this 2012.

  6. it looks to good to be true, it doesnt feel homey, more like a model house of an upcoming village. i guess because its so big and a few of them actually live there.


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