Kris Aquino's letter to Jillian Robredo

Dear Jillian,

I was taping on Monday, when my sister Viel texted me to say that your ate Tricia had said you asked how old I was when my Dad died. When you found out we were the same age, you had said, maybe you could be like me when you grow up. You just don’t know how much my sisters and I appreciated your words.

I have been blessed to have had the career I have now and the chance to correct my mistakes. And now live a life that I know will make my Mom and Dad proud.

May I share with you a beautiful memory from when my Dad died? We had just arrived home and I was having such a hard time adjusting to being back in school. Several times, I just broke down and my Mom had to come and pick me up. The days ahead will be painful – but my Mom was always there. I see that your mom will always be there for you. I could feel from her speech how close and loving your family is. Your two ates seem like they dote on you and will also be around to love and comfort you.

Draw strength from the love, appreciation and respect that the Filipinos have showered your dad with. And when you’re done with high school, I will be super happy to manage your career – basta payag ang mom mo. It will be my chance to repay your dad’s kindness and patience in handling my campaign schedule and sorties for P. Noy.

God bless you, Jillian. Thank you for a beautiful reminder of why I am so blessed to have this job – because it allows me to truly touch and inspire lives.

Ate Kris


  1. Kailangan talaga public? Open letter? KSP talaga. Made it about herself again. Geeezzzz

  2. eh. pkelam mo ? gusto nya in public pra mlaman ng mga taong kgya mo kung gano sya kabait sa mga taong nag mamahal sakanya. gets's ?


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