The Mistress, ngayong September 12 na!

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  1. bagay nga kay bea ang mistress role...hahaha...

    parang true to life lang ba itech...(young mistress, old benefactor, young lover) in real life who is the old benefactor and young lover kaya???

    interesting...but i still like (the other woman anne curtis)...hehehe

  2. Yahoo! Finally, Bea and John Llyod are together again in another must- see film. I guess that this movie is like No Other Woman. For me, Mr. Cruz and Ms. Alonzo are the BEST ACTOR and the BEST ACTRESS respectively of the Philippines.I highly commend them for their remarkable performances in the movie "One More Chance" that happens to be my all- time favorite local film. When will "The Mistress" be showing, Ms. Darla?

  3. Lol. I'm stupid. Nasa heading pala ang date ng showing. I'm sorry. Anyway, thanks for these posts..

  4. ang pogi ni papa Jhon lloyd grabe hiyang yata c angelica... perfect sunday hummm...kaya pla nag pa blooming ka papa..

  5. Bea remains to be the country's ultimate-best actress ever! with the success of her recent movie with Derek and Sam M. in an unforgettable love story "And I Love You So", i think my Bea's gonna do well this time, a new Bea- daring, sexy, hot, and even more beautiful as "The Mistress"!!
    No wonder Z.J inspires her a lot.God Bless Bea!

  6. At this point; Bea Alonzo's dimming career needed the timely boost, by being paired anew with JLC. No other actor can do that.


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