EXCLUSIVE PICS : Behind the scenes of Suddenly It's Magic, showing on October 31!

Hay Mario Maurer, ayaw mo ko pansinin sa Twitter. Hehehe! Heto po ang Thai heartthrob kasama ang kapamilya sweetheart na si Erich Gonzales, kasama ang staff and crew ng pamilya nila sa Suddenly It's Magic. I would like to thank Joross Gamboa for allowing me to post these pictures here. Thanks Joross, miss you!

CLICK HERE for more cute photos!


  1. The wait is almost over,happy for Erich & the whole time.Happy people working together.Good luck!
    Thank you Ms.Darla!

  2. Aww . I Miss My HomeTown . Paoay ILocos Norte :)) Suddenly its magic is a great Movie anyways :)


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