"My heart is at peace, knowing that merong mabubuting lalaki talaga," KC Concepcion talking about rumored French boyfriend!

Nagbabalik The Buzz today si KC Concepcion, hindi bilang isang host, kundi para sa isang one-on-one interview nila ni Boy Abunda. Ibinahagi ng bagong Tanduay girl ang kanyang pagharap sa bagong buhay ngayon matapos niyang mag-move on mula sa mga pinagdaanang intriga. 

"I'm very happy with the upswing that I'm having right now talaga, sa tingin ko talaga meron talagang dahilan ang lahat. Everything really happens for a reason. Lahat ng nangyayari ngayon ang ganda, ang ganda Tito Boy. Masarap yung pakiramdam ko although syempre hindi mawawala yung mga bashers," panimula ni KC.

Paano niya nga ba hina-handle lahat ng bashers niya? 

"The bashers tinatry ko na lang na magpakabusy kasi may work will speak for itself na lang. And for every person that might hate you or that might bash you, there’s a thousand people that will show their love for you."

Kelan naman siya nasasaktan o naa-apektuhan ng mga pangba-bash na ito?

"Pag pamilya ko na po. When it's to my family, pag ang dali dali nilang magsabi ng judgement, ng dahil lang sa pinanggalingan namin ng mama ko o dahil sa kinalakihan namin, o dahil lang sa kung anong meron kami. Nahihirapan ako pag mga kapatid ko na o pag mommy ko na."

Thankful naman daw si KC dahil binigyan siya ng Diyos ng patience at grace, sa pag-handle sa mga intriga. Kaya kahit ano pa raw ang iharap sa kanyang paninira o mga masasamang comments sa Twitter, kaya niya nang harapin.

"Siguro nadededma ko na rin, kasi sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ko from last year parang feeling ko kahit na lang anong mangyari okay na, kaya ko na yun."

Kamusta naman ang kanyang lovelife?

"Wala pa namang todo todo, Tito Boy."

"My heart is at peace knowing that merong mabubuting lalaki talaga."

On Pierre Emmanuel Plassart.

"Well Pierre is a very kind person na, eto yung Tito Boy na marami tayong nakikilalang lalaking inaral ang pagiging gentleman and that's a great thing. Pero eto talaga simula nung baby talaga hanggang lumaki hanggang sa nameet ko siya tunay. It's the real thing talaga, he’s a true gentleman. Hindi ko yun ever, hindi mo ever mababayaran yun."

"He is into business, it's a family of entrepreneurs. He’s getting into some businesses in Paris and then Singapore."

Katulad ng madalas nating marinig, idinaan din daw ni KC sa dasal ang lahat ng nangyayari sa kanya ngayon - partikular na ang tulad ni Pierre sa buhay niya.

"Ang sabi po kasi nila when you ask God for something, you pray about it and you be specific and you believe with all your heart na it’s as if binigay na niya yun sayo. And I remember praying in December or January na talagang for seven days straight, very intense prayer talaga. I really wrote down in post-it notes lahat ng gusto ko sa isang lalaki, gusto ko ng ganito, ng ganyan ganyan, tapos ipo-post ko sa likod ng bed ko, yung headboard tapos pag meron na naman akong maisip ilalagay ko na naman hanggang sa parang pito o walo yung napost ko dun. Binigay talaga ni God sakin lahat ng nandun sa post-it na yun until the very last detail. So sana, we'll see..."

The best thing about Pierre?

"He’s not giving up."

"Totoong tao, napaka-sincere."

Kelan niya ito tuluyang ipapakilala sa lahat?

"Pag nakapag-decide na ko (Tito Boy) na eto na talaga. Pag di pa ko ready or pag di pa ko talagang set na eto na talaga yun, hindi ko siya i-introduce sayo. And you know what (Tito Boy) honestly yung pagiging single, mas creative ako pag wala kong ibang iniisip. So honestly right now kaya hindi rin ako masyadong open to say that ganito or serious, I want to still explore kung ano yung mangyayari pa habang eto yung independent girl yung mode ko ngayon."


  1. U deserved all the happiness and blessing in life. I hope that Pierre is the 1 for u who wil make you happier....

  2. Nakaka aliw yunh dasal na ginawa niya. Gagayahin ko nga

  3. Here's hoping God grants you all your heart's desires and whoever you end up with, may he be someone who will love you unconditionally, and who will step up for you, your relationship and the both of you.. May he be gentle/kind, may he walk the fire for you, may he bring you the beautiful love you always deserve. May you both be blessed with a love that lasts forever. May those around you be completely happy for the both of you. All these, and may you recapture the inner joy that dimmed a bit when life threw you a curveball.

  4. nice to see kc happy again. its good she hasn't been axed by her network when she gave that very intriguing interview about her past relationship. hopefully she really meets the right person for her. if this guy is really serious he will follow you kc.

  5. Quite fond of this celebrity, KC Concepcion, who exudes inherent/innate/organic compassionate heart and an independent mind tempered with sensibility, vs. someone with affected/learned/cultivated/acquired self-serving behavior out to please everyone. With everything ephemeral/transitory/fleeting in this world, every woman can only hope for a timeless, "all out" UNCONTRIVED TRUE LOVE that can withstand the test of time and one that is willing to man up and fight for his love against anything or anyone that gets in the way. This is what KC deserves and here's hoping she finally finds it.

  6. I hope KC won't settle with someone just coz the person is a gentle man. Hope she realize that having a good partner or being in a fight-free relationship won't guarantee a lifetime happiness.

    To KC: Please don't rush into love and don't make any rash decisions. Liking and loving someone are two different things. Go out with other guys and get to know them so you can decide who's right for you. Your heart will only be at peace when you end up with the one you truly love and who will love you just as much.

  7. Hoping that the good wishes coming your way in this forum will continue all throughout and those around you will place their complete trust in your ability to make sound personal and career decisions for yourself, being the smart lady that you are. It should be apparent to many that it is no mean feat to: 1)survive living alone and completing one's college education in a foreign country, 2) end up as an ambassador of WFP Phil. 3) choose to earn a quite decent wage, like you do, and live independently supporting yourself, when you could just have live off of your parents' wealth, especially in a culture where many young college graduates more often than not, are still living at home dependent upon their parents, et.al. Hope your doubters will recognize that you have more than what it takes to make sound decisions for yourself. Carry on,, KC. You deserve to find happiness like everyone else.

  8. I wish you the best KC, life is good! May the Lord bless you always.

  9. This beautiful young actress is a rare combination of elitist breeding and one who has remarkably retained a meaningful considerate respect for the general public that has consistently supported both her parents. For one raised in privilege, it is not often that one finds a person finely attuned to who she is, and one who fulfills the adage: "To whom much is given, much is required" with such courage and heart for the plight of the less fortunate (in a culture where giving back is a relatively new concept among the youth). Yet despite this serious civic commitment/involvement for one so relatively young who made volunteerism cool and popular among the Filipino youth, she can still amazingly balance her life with fun and retain a child-like zest for life. This is what apparently makes her unique among her peers in the entertainment industry: for her courage and integrity to be who she is: a young woman of her own evolution; a citizen of the world who has adapted to the best of each culture she has immersed herself: a third culture kid who has retained her love for her own culture; one who can adeptly adapt from the life of luxury to the simplicity and paucity of the poverty-stricken places she visits as a WFP ambassador. One can sense a truly decent, thoughtful and sensitive soul/nature in this young woman. She may be misunderstood (by those unfamiliar and "unexposed" to a wider global perspective) for her own unique evolution as a young woman who has deftly combined the best of both worlds she has lived in, hence, her apparent distinctly uniquely "outsider" perspective. What makes KC Concepcion uniquely different, in a good way? Anyone, more often than not, can be easily "swallowed" and be carried away by the enormity of the new changing world (where decency and civility can easily be "discarded" due to the anonymity of social networking media as the new form of communication/connection) and lose oneself in fame and adulation in the world of entertainment. However, this young lady has managed to retained a good sense of perspective of what's meaningful and not, and who she chooses to authentically become amidst her world and life: this is something commendable. Cheers to you KC Concepcion! For some reason, you evoke the memory and persona of Princess Diana.

  10. Correction: .... Has managed to RETAIN....

  11. It is never easy living in a fish bowl under the scrutiny of the public's eye: one's every move watched/scrutinized/interpreted/misinterpreted. In a culture where a celebrity's image is pegged by one's fame, where high public expectations can sometimes be overwhelmingly restrictive, where, if a celebrity does not have a strong sense of self, public expectations can be stifling. Hence, it is refreshing to see a celebrity like KC Concepcion, who grew up in the public eye maintain a strong sense of self and still be grounded. She obviously is multitalented. Watching her act with restraint and subtlety as a young lady stricken with cancer with bleak possibilities in Forever and a Day is touching! especially in the explosive scene where she was telling the character of Sam (after attending the funeral of KC's character's friend, another cancer patient) that she has accepted her fate. Only a sensitive actress can play it with nuanced acting. This observer has seen numerous Filipino films where "good" acting is equated to "hysterics" during heavy scenes. It is refreshing to see a young actress (KC) acts against expected type. Hopefully, the Philippine movie industry finds a place for a talent and a great person like KC Concepcion.


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