EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS : Sarah G. Presents : Sapi-litan! Soon sa ABS-CBN!

Nag-start nang mag-taping si Sarah Geronimo para sa kanyang bagong drama anthology sa ABS-CBN, ang Sarah G. Presents... At para sa una niyang episode, ang guest niya ay ang super poging si Paulo Avelino! 

Thank you so much Marlon Escalona for the photos!

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  1. thank you po Ms. Darla for the pictures!! :) ♥

  2. Thank you, Ms. Darla. It's this Sunday na pala pero bakit parang walang guesting si Sarah sa mga talk shows to promote it? Is she still busy with the 3rd movie with JLC? Anyway, sana sa Sarah G. Presents sana di lang mga actors and guest ni Sarah. It wil be nice to reunite her in some episodes with Zsa Zsa, Gloria Diaz, Ai Ai. If it's true that there will be a sitcom with JLC, I think kabog kung kasama si Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa. I can see Ms Susan Roces as Lola or Tita of Sarah. Wish lang to ng Auntie ko who is an avid fan of the young Susan Roces. Susan daw was great in her romcom movies with Eddie Gutierrez. My Tita said when she watched A Very Special Love na remind daw sya of the roles the young Susan Roces used to play, fresh, bubbly and funny when she saw Laida in that scene when she met Miggy for the very first time and offered that cup of coffee to him. Helen Gamboa would be a fit as JLC's Mom. Throw in two young kids as a brother and sister to Sarah and JLC. It's typical but I guess the chemistry between the two plus the great presence of Ms Susan and Ms Helen seem like a sure hit sit com. We need something like this, once a week, a break from the heavy nightly teleseryes. JLC and Sarah are like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Renee Zelwegger and Colin Firth (Bridget Jones Diary). We all know that there is nothing romantic in real life between these couples but the chemistry on screen is so strong. Just an idea for a romcom. Sana si Cathy G Molina ang director.


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