Lea Salonga on GGV this Sunday!



  1. Ms. Darla, i just want to know when will you gonna guest Marlo "Nicolo" Mortel in Kris TV po? I am a TFC subscriber, me and my friends really want to know more about him... We're really into him, as in super fan. Please update us po... Please!!! Thanks.


  2. Sana nga may guesting naman si mallow marlo mortel sa kris tv, sana pakantahin din sya ng The One That Got Away o kaya Titanium.

  3. Dapat sa kris tv posts kayo nagcocomment para may konek. But its okay, kasi si marlo kahit laging waley at walang konek ang jokes sa bcwmh, super funny at cute pa din! #mallowmortel


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