Bride For Rent, soon!


  1. Finalky my poster na! Cant wait to watch the hottest loveteam Kim and Xian on big screen. Just love them both - great chemistry and so natural, we could feel the love and acting is real. Thanks for the post Darla! Hope you guest them again on krisTV!

  2. This will be shown in cinemas on January 15, 2014. :-)))

  3. Star Cinema should promote far and wide; " Bride for Rent", not only locally, but globally!
    Remember, the opening date is just 3 weeks away.
    It's the right thing to promote it extensively; like what they did, to other movies of other stars.
    Kim and Xian deserve the utmost company support ;since they are moneymakers too, for the network not only in prime time dramas, movies, but also in commercials.

  4. I agree with the last comment, Star Cinema should promote Bride For Rent already since its few weeks away and do better than what they did for the Kimxi's first movie BHKCNCM. They deserve equal importance as the other artists. Also please release the trailer soon and feature it frequently on Local tv and TFC so more OFWs will be aware of the movie. Thank you Darla for supporting the movie. Kimxi fans love you and Kris A.

  5. excited much sa movie bride for rent :))


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