KathNiel sa Bruno Mars concert ♥

Photo is not mine. Mardih Nigar sent this to me thru imessage and said nakuha niy ito sa isang fanpage ng KathNiel - @gotkathniel. Kathleine Shayne Calayco naman sent this thru email. Thanks! Send pa ang merong ibang pics -darlaganda@gmail.com ツ

And then Patricia Payumo sent me also an email sayong the photo above is from @incspark. Honestly I realy don't know po who owns the photo. (=  


  1. Happy to know na magkasama sila miss darla.relax2 din cla pagmytym.love it.

  2. From incspak mo ms darla �� meron pa photos sa iba, colaboink sa twitter,


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