Condolence sa pamilya nina Ms. Sharon Cuneta at KC Concepcion, sa pagpanaw ni Mamita Elaine Cuneta...

Photo from KC's IG
Nakikiramay po ako sa pamilya nina Megastar Sharon Cuneta at KC Concepcion, sa pamamaalam ni Mamita Elaine Cuneta kanina lang. Nakakalungkot kasi alam naman natin kung gaano kalaking bahagi ng buhay nina Mega at KC si Mommy Elaine. Pero after ng ilang buwan sa ICU, isipin na lang natin na tuluyan nang magpapahinga si Mommy Elaine sa piling ng Diyos.

Kaninang umaga lang ay nag-tweet pa si KC, asking for prayers dahil sasailalim pa raw sa isang operasyon si Mommy Elaine.

Sa December 31, 2014 ay magse-celebrate na sana si Mommy Elaine ng kanyang 80th birthday.

Be strong po Kace and Mega, we're here po para sa inyo. 


  1. Condolence to KC and Sharon.

  2. The passing of KC's Mamita must have left a great gnawing void in her heart and life only she can know and feel. Anyone could sense and feel KC's great love for her Mamita by the way she talks about her. She must feel 'lost' at this point for Mamita is her world and family who she feels great connection with. It's an existential emptiness only KC can comprehend and she must be terribly lonely. Here's hoping that you could find meaning in celebrating her Mita's wonderful life well-lived and that KC finds inspiration in their great love for each other. Perhaps, KC could channel her isolating grief by putting her thoughts into a book for her Mamita, which could serve as a source of support system for many of us who are dealing with similar unbearable loss (of the loves of our lives). Great hugs to you KC and may you find comfort in the beautiful memories with your Mita. May God grant you the grace of strength and comfort in your time of unconsolable grief. We may only know you in your body of work but you exude such warm and generous heart, like your Mamita. You deserve nothing but much deserved happiness.

  3. KC's loss of her beloved Mita will take time to heal, for Mamita is her family and she belonged to Mamita considering her familial circumstances: her Mom Sharon now has a new family; her Dad Gabby has his own, too. With Mita gone, KC must feel that she has lost her support system in Mita.

    These said, here's hoping that followers and supporters of KC who live vicariously through her love life (under the guise of concern for KC but actually comes across as underhanded insinuation, whether wittingly and unwittingly, that KC does not have the common sense and awareness to decide wisely for herself), pls give this lady a break.
    She deserves to grieve in her own terms without this unwarranted and unrelenting second guessing and pressure from these supporters, re: her choice of a boyfriend.

  4. Hello, KC. Perhaps, your loss is just starting to sink in now. This period could be the loneliest and most isolating of the grieving process especially if spent in a place like Manila, where the world is too close and constricting for comfort, where many painful reminders of your Mita are everywhere, and where your every action and word/pronouncements are being scrutinized and interpreted.

    To heal, you need to grieve in private sans the distractions that come with being a public figure.

    Here's wishing you can have all the peace and quiet you need at this time, and your supporters and bashers alike would allow you to mourn your loss, respect and give you much needed privacy without judgments, demands and preconditions.

    May you be Providentially granted the grace of inner strength/peace/healing and comfort in your grief. May you be covered with all the love you need and deserve.

  5. Hi, KC, think of those moments you were the happiest with your Mamita. Save these in your memory box and use these happy memories to celebrate her life. A wise man once said when you are at your lowest, saddest point, share/give something of yourself to someone to make them happy........

    There was this impoverished teen-aged boy whose story was profiled in a show, Mukha on TFC, which touched my heart. At 13, while still at school he started working to help augment his family's hand-to-mouth existence. What meager income he gets, he gives it to his family so they can eat. There was one time when her Mom didn't have any money to buy food, his Dad who could hardly provide for his family didn't have much luck neither that day, so the money Marlon (the boy's name) gave was enough to buy his family rice for dinner and the kangkong his mother planted in their backyard served as their viand/dish for the night.

    The hard-earned money Marlon earns comes from the sweat of his brows and almost bloodied foot, which he uses to push into motion along the train tracks the rental makeshift vehicle he uses to transport 3-4 passengers after school. There are days when, inspite of working everyday, he has to walk the long miles to school and back because he has to pay for his own school expenses, leaving him without money for jeepney fare and lunch. These are also days when he has to endure not having meals the whole day but he still has to work though starving. For most of us, this is heart wrenching but Marlon's great will and his extraordinary persistence despite the insurmountable odds is immensely inspiring. Marlon could look at his grim life as a curse, take the easy route of easy money, e.g. stealing, but what makes this boy outstandingly rare is his strong center and indomitable spirit to persist in following the straight and narrow to achieve his goal to a better life. While many in this dire poverty would give up, his motivation to succeed in his studies remains strong. He still dreams the big dream of becoming a civil engineer after his senior year of high school, yet still garnering good grades to back up his ambition inspite of his circumstances. Watching the show stopped me in my tracks and forgot about my own petty concerns. I am not weepy nor a sentimental slob, but Marlon's journey of survival moved me to tears.

    Why tell this story in your time of grief and loss? You told the story of your Mita's generous and humble spirit in your eulogy. In a parallel sort of way, the boy, Marlo's beautiful spirit reflects your Mita's, which could be celebrated via your love of life, your outstanding craft and acts of charity. This boy, just like you, is about his great love of family.....

    When we forget ourselves and focus on giving/sharing our love to others just like Marlon, we nourish our soul.

    It is this observer's hope that by sharing this meaningful and touching story, I momentarily distracted you from your mourning with this inspiring humanity.

    You have consistently been a source of inspiration to many with your great attitude, positive outlook, and self-awareness, generous, warm spirit, your pure love of your craft, work ethics, made more pronounced after your bouts of serious illnesses this year and recently, the loss of your Mita. While your Mita was seriously fighting for life, you went about your work showing no external sign of your internal struggles, and you have done this with grace. It is said a person's true character manifest itself with how a person responds during trying times. Let your beautiful spirit prevail until once more you reclaim your light after this 'storm'.

    It is said that when one's situation seems to be at its most overwhelmingly insurmountable, this is the point when light is just around the corner, waiting to happen.

  6. Cont... In the midst of your grief, the noise and haste of your surroundings, keep still, center yourself in peace. Then wait for that whisper of a voice from your Mita that will tell you that she is watching over and guiding you from above, with so much unconditional love for you. Believe that after all this sadness, a beautiful new chapter in your life is about to commence and unfold granting you all your heart's desires. Let the light usher in.

  7. An Open Letter To KC As Seen As From An Outsider:

    You have been an icon to many from the day you were born. Pretty sure you were shielded by your family from the onslaught of being in the public eye. It must not be easy growing up in the "eye of the storm" and having your parents split at a young age, your Mom at the peak of her career and her time spent mostly away from home. As God would have it, you had your Mita and your Tatay nurtured you in lieu of your Mom's absence due to work. You probably were unaware at the time, your Mom and Dad's followers/supporters have adored and loved you from the get go, some to the point of being nosy and your lost of privacy, nevertheless you have their affection and support.

    You grew up with a forgiving and generous heart, accepting and loving your half siblings without any hint of bitterness. Your Mom who, from every looks of it, have brought you up to be a decent, loving, down to earth human being, without being jaded. These qualities have endeared you more to many.

    It is very obvious that when you love, you give your mighty best, love deeply, hence, you hurt deeply in the process. It is with hope that after your very big public break-up, and, (as witness to) your Mom's past heartbreaks, these have not made you wary and weary of commitment. You deserve all the love coming your way.

    Why decide to write you an open letter at this time coming from a total stranger? Well, you just lost the love of your life, Mita and with Christmas just around the corner where family is the focus of celebration, you must still be reeling from her passing. You may be able to hide your grief behind your smiles and positive outlook, but any discerning observer could still feel the heartbreaking agony of your loss especially/acutely felt at this time of the year.

    You owe it to yourself to have time to heal. Take care of yourself and appreciate the alone time, for there is value in "filling" one's center with wisdom and God's Providence. In silence, there's much strength to glean from the loss. There's redeeming value in listening to solitude with our heart during the healing process.

    Here's praying you remain unafraid facing your loneliness of loss head-on and believe that there's light at the end of darkness.

    Sincere prayers and love from a total stranger.

  8. Got a 'snippet look' of KC and Paulo's GVV interview from some fan site. It 's refreshing to see the relaxed and funny side of KC comes out in this interview. She seems genuinely comfortable and spontaneous with her witty banter with Vice Ganda and Paulo.

    There have been persistent speculations about the real score between KC and Paulo's relationship. For the purists among us, we 'demand' cut-and-dry, black and white answer from KC re:the status of her love life, though unwarranted.

    However, it is evident that KCmart smart to realize and appreciate the value of Paulo's efforts to win her over; at the same time she is careful and realistic enough to realize the differences between the two of them: re: where they are at in life, career-wise, and maybe, exposure-wise, to name a couple. Hence, the 'grey' and non-absolute thoughtful take, on KC's part.

    Perhaps, she's taking the relationship slowly, as it goes, doing her best to get to know the guy, who has shown extraordinary effort to win her over by giving her time, care and concern (vs. the efforts of her previous and present admirers) yet, never making a firm commitment. Hasn't she said many times that if she does make one, it is to a relationship that would finally lead to marriage?

    Maybe, she still needs to validate a few personal requirements for a future partner: e.g., persistence, loyalty, consistency of love?

    It is commendable that she takes the realistic honest, brave approach in her choice of a partner, especially with re: Paulo.

    Many of her followers are divided and polarized when it comes to KC's love life. Hence, this analytical attempt to deconstruct KC's actions. I may not be completely accurate, but this comes with no judgment.

    One cannot help but be endeared by KC and her outlook. It takes a lot of maturity, courage, thoughtfulness, faith and much balancing act not to rush into a firm commitment, considering everything from all angles. Her supporters should take a cue from this lady's (KC) thoughtful mindset/attitude, and stop second-guessing her. Isn't it enough proof that she knows her mind and where she stands in life, e.g., career and love life, values, as shown by her accomplishments/advocacies, rising up from the curve balls in her life, not falling all over the handsomest guys/celebrities that she meets (where others would go gaga)? Her consistent kindness and decency to all are also evidence of her gentle/generou spirit. So, everyone who supports her, give her a break, and refrain from subjecting her to undue pressure re:her love life just to indulge our 'kiligs' :) Let's patiently enjoy the ride of life vicariously lived through KC's.

  9. There's a second visible 'chunk' of your followings, quite active and passionate whose sensibilities are/were offended due to recent two contradictory pronouncement in your latest QnA correlating this with your HK trip with Paulo sending mixed message. When asked by one of your followers if you are in love since you are blooming, you replied "No", along with your "repeated" pronouncements that you are only close friends with Paulo Avelino. Then, your HK trip with Paulo happened after these pronouncements (I'm one who is no prude and broad minded and believes in "live and let live" attitude.), which was conjectured by this said group of passionate long-time followers as being taken for a ride by you/dishonesty on your part. All these people feel offended being "duped" by you and unfortunately saying derogatory things about your character.

    These said from a concerned stranger/observer, and knowing the kind of decent person you are who value and respect your avid long-time supporter, may I suggest you address these issues directly in a no nonsense manner for the sake of your dwindling loyal supporters who took to heart their feelings of 'perceived' betrayal by your perceived contradictory statements, taken by them as being lied to.

    Hoping this concern from one who values you as a decent person wouldn't let your character be besmirched by a simple case of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

    These long-term valued followers seem to come from 'perspective' that they care much for, and are being protective of you. Just acting as a conduit between you and these people so as not to cause any more fallouts from your followings, which is an important ingredient in your career: valuing those who care about you.

    Recognizing you are still in the grieving process, here's hoping these constructive suggestion would help. May you have a blessed holidays.

  10. On second thought, the above followers mentioned, with their unwarranted insinuations and lack of boundary don't deserve your explanations. If explanation is to be made by you, it is to address the ingratiating comments/character assassinations made by this so-called supporters, which you don't deserve and to prevent unfounded rumors perpetrated by these unsavory comments. You are too decent to deserve such unwarranted opinions, which reek of tasteless lack of boundary and decency.

    You deserve nothing but happiness and hope the polarizing actions and words by a few won't ruin that for you.

    May your journey always be blessed.

  11. Shine KC, shine! You are way too talented and too beautiful not to shine. Let not your love life takes front and center in your career. As Oprah wisely said, "Have strategic intentions of your goals in life to get/gain your peace". Never allow anyone's platform but yours. Never forget what you stand for and who you are. Speak with peace and joy in your heart. Understand and transcend your fears, pains, sadness, happiness, joy. These will guide you to your meaningful path when best understood. Let your light reign. Shine, KC, shine! It's about time.


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