Paulo Avelino finally admitted na nagkaroon sila ng relasyon ni KC Concepcion!

Kanina sa The Buzz, finally, ay inamin na ni Paulo Avelino na nagkaroon talaga sila ng relasyon ni KC Concepcion. 

Photo from Mico Del Rosario
Sa The Buzz Killer Questions, una siyang tinanong ni Boy Abunda kung totoong dating sila ngayon ni Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Sabi ni Paulo, ay magkaibigan lang sila ni Jasmine at meron silang pelikulang ginagawa ngayon. Normal lang naman daw siguro na casually ay lumabas siya with a friend, a co-worker.

When Tito Boy finally asked him kung nagkaroon sila ng relasyon ni KC, Pau at first answered na they are friends, and that he will always be with her sa oras ng pangangailangan nito. But The Buzz hosts requested for a Yes or No answer, so when Kris repeated the question... Nagkaroon ba sila ng relasyon ni KC, yes or no... Paulo finally said YES.

Ngayon ang hinihintay na lang natin, ang side ni KC. Ano nga kaya ang nangyari sa kanila? 


  1. Enough of playing the angle of love life of KC just to promote someone else's teleserye or movie specifically if the boy is such a cad who loves to play with emotions. Paulo, you are lucky a KC Concepcion has given you the time of day. What's not so nice about this boy is he is such a pretentiously inauthentic poser who pretends he is very cerebral when you can see through him as lacking in grace and articulation. One interview ago, he said friends don't break up, when pushed to the wall, he finally admits to a relationship with KC now that he's promoting a movie. One less point for showing to the world what a poor sport and ungentlemanly you are for making KC look like she's the one head over heels with you when behind the scenes you are so good at playing the ardent suitor who could do no wrong. What a cad, really

  2. I think Paulo is a big liar and denial king. His actions are different from what he is saying. He said no to Internet censorship but he deletes bad comments on his Instagram. He doesn't know how to take criticism. He answers back with sarcasm to the fans who makes bad comments about him. There is a picture of him smoking that surfaced on the Internet and he immediately post a picture saying he does it for work. Why would he deny that he smokes and drinks when it is really obvious. He is making the fans stupid. When he was caught dating Jasmine he said its work related, my question is why he doesn't date Isabelle Daza who is also part of the movie? He is only denying it now because of the bad impression that it will do to him but eventually this two will be a couple soon. He is trying to cover up so many things. He is living a life full of lies. Agad -agad date ng iba? How insensitive! It is one of the fans who noticed that he keeps liking Jasmines posts almost everyday before all of this happened. He said that he never saw KC's post and maybe napaflood Lang. But when it comes to jasmines post he always sees it. He said when he loves someone it's "Tapat and totoo", what a jerk. It's good that KC is smart enough to know that it's not gonna work out for the two of them. The earlier the better. He is a user as what other fans were saying.

  3. I think KC Concepcion is a good match for Marc Nelson. Both are good looking, smart & very articulate. They have a happy/ bubbly personality, health conscious & they love the beach.

    1. I agree! Bagay si KC kay Marc Nelson. She's ambassador of WFP & hosted d X-Factor while Marc is active with World Vision & WWF, and now hosting Asia's got talent.

  4. I read from one of the IG comments that Ms. Charo's apo (or another big boss) wanted a picture with him. According to the yaya, Paulo said in a suplado way na mamaya na lang kasi nagbabantay sya ng bata. He lied to the yaya because she saw him leaving na pala.

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  6. Ang tanungin niyo ay ang side ni Jasmin Ahas Curtis!

  7. Just wondering, (from someone who've lived out of the country for quite a while) is the "love angle" between celebrities the only way to promote a new teleserye or movie? I pity the one whose name has been dragged into publicizing a new teleserye/movie but is not even a part of the cast. What's preventing Philippine writers/show from focusing on the merits of a teleserye/movie,or the actors' way of attacking his/her role, or the storyline, etc, much like they do in the West? How can the public learn to elevate their senses, intelligence, if the purveyor of mass culture caters to mind numbing "gossip mongering" angle of promoting a teleserye/movie for example, instead of encouraging unlicensed discussion of the merits/demerits of a writer's creative work, or an actor's skill, or the value and lessons learned from the work of art. It's the redundant discussions of celebrities' lives that perpetrates bashings/meanness bringing out the worst in people, and the unending emptiness of talking about people's lives and the perpetual adolescent mindset re: "kilig" factor that deadens the senses, in the process deadens our senses/sensibilities as a people and get us stuck ceaselessly in the quagmire of mind-numbing sentimentality that cannot contribute in the growth of society.

  8. This is not the first admission on The Buzz. When both of them guested at GGV in January they already did to Vice Ganda. But it did not cause impact then because nobody cared if they are.

  9. It's interesting to observe how issues are discussed in our country: instead of focusing on resolving the said issues, as in this case, the forum becomes a battleground of bashings/personal insults thrown at celebrities being discussed. Civility and facts are totally ignored, hearsay; instead of fact-based discussions becomes the status quo. Translating this type of mindset into discussions of national issues, how can we hope to be intelligent participants in resolving issues of national importants when we let our feelings towards a person or an issue take precedence over civility and sensible discussions? Just food for thought for us all. D

  10. Correction: .... national importance

  11. KC has so much to offer as a performer/artist, one of the few most versatile actors in the Philippine industry. Hoping that the industry doesn't cater mostly to the bottom line of box office tills but also invest in real talents and in the elevation of the arts. Do away with the SOP hysterics and maudlin sentimentality of Filipino stories but instead focus on proactive approach to human struggles. There's uplifting and inspiring beauty in overcoming adversities and triumphing over struggles. Focusing on problem solving and logic and turning things around are more beneficial lessons that can seep through mindsets of the viewing public, which translate into the public gradually adapting that type of behavior. Therefore, making logical/intelligent sense and sensibility becoming the rule rather than the exception.

    In the US, using the film industry as a tool to promote racial equality, for example, has been an effective tool. Adversely, violence in the movies has sensitized people to it. Hence, those in leadership position in the film industry should be mindful what it promotes/advocates. Use arts as a tool of empowerment to improve humanity.

    These said, many of KC Concepcion's fans admire her, not only for her beauty multi-faceted talents and decency, and also for her generous/compassionate humanitarian advocacies, advancing Filipino arts and "newbie" talents. She is one rare national treasure that should be appreciated and "highlighted". There should be a place in the entertainment industry for her. Mindful and meaningful projects for her, please. She is one great asset that should be "utilized" to the fullest.

    Let's do away with mindless storytelling. Let's saturate the Filipino viewing public's mind with substantive and meaningful stories that can seep through every "fiber" of every neurons of each one of us, which can translate into improving the way we do things and make this a country deserving of its beauty and untapped talent begging to be used productively.

  12. It is interesting to note that even with movie or tv projects that are far in between, KC Concepcion still fascinates her many followers and supporters. She exudes genuine warmth and kindness balanced by her strong sense of self. Hopefully, her familial circumstances haven't made her too careful for her own good when it comes to her love life. Hopefully, she hasn't developed a "feeling of abandonment" borne out of her separation from her Dad when she was younger.

    We can only surmise the reasons for her choosing to remain single, for her relationship not working out, and for her decisions to end her relationships.

    Here's wishing that she finds a man of integrity, honor, strength of character, and maturity, who will respect, appreciate, adore, accept, love and commit to her unconditionally, one who she can reciprocally trust, respect and love completely without precondition because this man will never give her a reason to doubt his sincerity and commitment. May KC and the man she would settle for be in complete sync with her, and with God's grace give her the stability and inner peace she deserves.

    KC, let go and give your trust entirely up to Him and the man meant for you will come looking for you.

  13. Correction: We can only surmise......., which is her prerogative because it's her life,........


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