Hayden Kho, Jr. speaks up about his reconciliation with Katrina Halili

Hayden posted this photo on his Instagram account with this caption :

I had wanted to wait for the proper time to announce this reconciliation that happened last week; but since it's already out I might as well say my piece too.

After seven years of enmity, Katrina, Vicki, and myself are now reconciled. And I want to say that just like the restoration of my medical license, the restoration of my relationship with Vicki, Katrina, and many others happened because I first sought to restore my relationship with God.

It was by God's grace- made available through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ- that I have been restored. And I want to emphasize that when the Bible says, "Seek first His kingdom and all THESE things shall be added to you (Matt6:33)", we are given a principle that can be tested and proven to be true over and over again. 

All glory to God Who alone deserves it.