ToMiho in California!

Tommy Esguerra was able to finally introduce his GF Miho Nishida to his family in California! Thank you so much ToMiho and Ms. Cynthia Jordan for sharing these photos and video with us!

And here, watch the video of Tommy introducing Miho to his family. And that "girlfriend ko" introduction... Kilig!

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  1. Para akong nsa california sa pgtutok ko sa mga kganapan sa lahat ng klase ng social media haha!eh wla eh masaya ako pagnkikita cla

  2. Abangers din ako sa mga ganap sa ToMiho. Thanks Ms. Darla. ��

  3. Super love TOMIHO. TAnx for this article.sila ang vitamins namin sa puso at goodvibes ang hatid ng tomiho sa puso namin.


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