Dubai, UAE. 10 December 2018 – Multi-awarded writer, fashion PR maven, socialite, entrepreneur and owner of YUGEN PR, Marketing and Events, Josh M. Yugen’s life is an inspirational story of resilience, perseverance, and breaking down countless barriers to achieve immense success.

Hailing from the small and relatively vibrant community in the Philippines, Yugen has successfully overcome a life full of challenges to become an internationally acclaimed writer bagging several international awards such as Most Influential Journalist of the Year in Malta and Media Personality of the Year in Dubai’s leading Filipino community media outlet, with an amass number of following on his social media accounts including 120,000 followers on Instagram (@josh_yugen) and the founder of Dubai-based marketing firm YUGEN PR, one of Dubai’s fastest rising public relations, marketing and events firms which arranged the successful MAYWARD Live in Dubai concert and Maymay Entrata’s historical Arab Fashion Week debut.

The event received 
overwhelming praise as it was the biggest Filipino concert ever produced in Dubai in 2018 in terms of the amount of people who attended the event. An estimate of more than 30,000 people flocks at Global Village last November 23, 2018 to witness the one-night only performance of Philippines’ hottest love pair Mayward. Before the concert on November 23, Maymay Entrata struts the runway of the prestigious Arab fashion Week, Dubai’s official fashion week, and created history as the First Filipina woman to open the runway of the fashion week. Entrata slayed the runway with two outfits from AMATO Couture by Furne One and even walked the finale walk with the designer himself.
The Arab Fashion Week AMATO show created history by being the only fashion week in the world that trended on Twitter’s Top 1 trending topic of the day simultaneously in the Philippines, the UAE and worldwide (not to mention that it also trended in Puerto Rico, Belarus, Latvia, Vietnam, Israel).

Let’s get to know Josh M. Yugen:
(1) When did you 
started your career in Dubai?
I started my career in Dubai in 2007 as a Marketing Executive in a small trading company in the UAE. Since then, I know to myself that I am bound for greater things so I did not stop chasing my dream. I am a graduate of Journalism at Lyceum of the Philippines and my ultimate dream is to become a journalist. I did apply to several newspapers in the UAE but to my 
disappointment, I got rejected several times due to my education, as they said, is ‘NOT GLOBAL STANDARD’. I continue finding jobs that could help me support my studies in Dubai and after sometime, I was accepted as a scholar at World Media Academy in Dubai. I got my masters diploma after two years and applied for several magazines eventually. I landed a job at Travel Trendz International, a travel and lifestyle magazine in Dubai then after I have worked with Prestige magazine, a luxury property magazine. Since then a lot of opportunities came in and I was lucky enough to have been tapped by DFRE, a branch of government which look after several events in Dubai. I was one of the English copy editors during the summer festival. After this stint, I was approached by a local publisher to be the features editor of En Route Middle East, a luxury travel and lifestyle magazine. Fast forward, I met a local Emirati lady who co-produced XPEDITION Middle East magazine with me. After that, I have established my own PR, Marketing and Events company named YUGEN PR.

(2) How did you become a multi-awarded editor and writer?
I have always been a writer since I was a kid and my ultimate dream is to create a writing piece that 
touches hearts and inspires other people. Being awarded as one of Europe Tourism’s Most Influential Journalist in 2015 was a total surprise. I wasn’t aware that the government agency in Europe are following my travel and tourism articles on the magazine and to my astonishment, they appreciated my travel articles and even appointed me as Ambassador of Goodwill of Slovenia Tourist Board.
My other major award was being selected as the First-ever Media Personality Award by the biggest Filipino media outlet in the UAE, The Filipino Times. I was very lucky to represent my fellow media colleagues and be side by side with the UAE’s Filipino media personalities who 
have been in the industry for a long time and for a new blood like me that time, it is surreal. I am very thankful for all the people who appreciated my work and continue giving me recognition and appreciation.

(3) What made you decide to produce a concert with MAYWARD?
To tell you frankly, MayWard was a total stranger for me a year ago until I met them last April 2018 when one of my good friend Furne Amato came home to do a photoshoot for MEGA magazine’s June issue which is also a preparation for Furne Amato’s 25th Anniversary show last June 2018. Since then, Maymay who is a natural charmer left us all speechless with her viral laugh and positive energy. I loved this girl, I told myself and we became really close even after the fashion show in MEGA. We were joking at that time that I should produce a concert for her and Edward in Dubai so they can go and visit me, then the rest is history.

(4) How did Maymay Entrata 
got the part to walk at Arab Fashion Week?
Maymay went to series of look test and go-see. I personally invited her to send her 
modelingcredentials to us and after carefully reviewing the same along with officials from Arab Fashion Council, we shortlisted her to do the walk for AMATO show. We set up a special Skype video call to see Maymay’s catwalk skills and after a few days of deliberation, she passed the test and got the part.

(5) What can you say about the success of MAYWARD Concert in Dubai?
It is overwhelming as it is my first ever Filipino concert ever produced in Dubai. I have done several concerts and events but are all international artists and events. Producing a Filipino concert is a big risk since I have 
never been in this business before but I am lucky enough for the support and guidance of my Filipino fellows here in Dubai who made this all possible.
I am also very thankful to all the brands who supported this event as without them the concert won’t be possible.
The event is supported by Emirates (the official airline partner), JYSK, VIU and AyalaLand International Sales – Middle East (Gold Sponsors), Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek(the official hospitality partner), Angel Wings International Travel and Events (the official travel agency partner) and AMATO Couture (the official fashion designer).

(6) Which other Filipino celebrities do you want to work 
with in the future and why?
I am a huge fan of Anne Curtis and she’s like a living doll. I would really love to see her wearing 
custom-made gowns created by Amato in a full concert spectacle.

(7) As one of the top concert and event producers in Dubai, do you have any particular requirements when you are producing a show or selecting an artist to perform in Dubai?
Nothing in particular but I would love to work with people who are easy to deal with and are professional.

(8) Any future plans that you can share with us
A lot of concerts, fashion shows to watch out for in 2019. One of my biggest dreams this 2019 is to bring Maymay to the biggest fashion runway in the world, New York Fashion Week.

(9) Your advice to all the people who would like to have their own business overseas
Do not stop dreaming and believing that one day it will happen. Never give up. You cannot cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

(10) What is your wish?
I have always 
love writing and MAYWARD ignited my inner logophile. I wish to write a book or a script for a movie for them. It would be amazing to see these two bringing my characters in big screen. I hope that the stars in the universe will align and make this happen. I will pray for this one!


  1. Omg! Grabe nakakainspired din buhay ni sir Josh.. ganda nito mamshie darla.. gibasa gyud nako ba.. excited ko sa NYFW ni Inday MayMay.. cgurado kuyog gyud na si Dodong ba ..
    Nice one Ms. Darla.. ❤❤😍

  2. Thank you sir josh you are so kind...God Bless you more🙏🙏🙏

  3. Wow Thank you Po❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. thank u sir josh,, u are a blessing,,, GOD bless u always,,

  5. Wow sir josh..You are an inspiration to the Filipinos.Mabuhay ka! Thank you also that you included Maymay to walk in New York Fashion Week as one of your goals in 2019.God Bless you more sir Josh Yungen.We love you as you Love Maymay and Edward

  6. In God's perfect time, the stars will align and shine the brightest for these genuine souls.

  7. wow this is really amazing. You really have a good heart sir Josh, like anyone I myself love Maymay so much she been my inspiration since I watch her I became positive in all aspects. I am thankful that she brings Joy and laughter in my life. Not only to me but to all others who inspire by her. She really one in a kind person. And with Edward beside her who protects and cares for her we who loves Maymay glad that she met Edward who have a good heart and genuine souls like Maymay , they both gives everyone happiness including myself.


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